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$100 Off Your Cilajet Application

Cilajet's unique formula: -Creates a mirror like shine that lasts -Protects your vehicle from the environment (bird droppings, tree sap, insects, acid rain, etc.) -Eliminates the need for waxing -Reduces frequency of car washing  -Is environmentally friendly -Provides exceptional warranty coverage! 

30k, 60k, 90k Maintenance Package with Free Car Wash

Complimentary Car Wash with the completion of a 30k, 60k, or 90k Service Package! Keep your car running smoothly for miles to come and stay ahead of any unforseen issues by scheduling a service package today!   

20% Off Timing Belt Service

  Timing Belt Service Includes: Timing Belt, Belt Tensioner, Front Cam Shaft Seals, Water Pump Replacement (if applicable), Crankshaft Seal, Coolant Service (drain & refill), Idler Pulleys, and a Road Test to confirm repairs have been correctly executed and vehicle runs smoothly.